Reverend Thomas A Shea Council 11178 was chartered in 2000 and some members are still active today.  Rev. Shea was the initial pastor assigned to Our Lady of the Lake Parish that encompasses the towns of Southwick, Granville and Tolland.

The Knights of Columbus is founded by Father Michael J. McGivney on Feb. 6, 1882 with a mission of charity.  Late-19th century Connecticut was marked by the growing fraternal benefit societies, anti-Catholic prejudice and dangerous factory working conditions that left many families fatherless. Recognizing a need in his community, Father Michael J. McGivney, the 29-year-old assistant pastor of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Conn., gathered a group of men at his parish on Oct. 2, 1881. He proposed establishing a lay organization to prevent Catholic men from entering secret societies antithetical to Church teaching, uniting Catholic men and helping families of deceased members.  read more here…

Our goal is to continue the charitable tradition of the Knights of Columbus through our parish community.